Groom and Bride at their Intimate Wedding in Riverside Park, Findlay Ohio

An Intimate Wedding in Findlay, Ohio


Introduction in to the intimate wedding of Tommy and Holly

Tommy and Holly chose to have an intimate wedding in Findlay, Ohio at Riverside Park. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, a slight chill in the air and a slightly cloudy sky. Before the ceremony began, Tommy, Holly, and I took the steps down to the rocky area by the waterfall, to capture some portraits. We started with shots of just the two of them and then added their two boys. After some portraits, the ceremony began. Tommy and Holly walked to the edge of the water, along with Holly’s brother, who officiated the ceremony. Their two boys, family and closest friends then came up and surrounded them.

The ceremony by the river was followed by family portraits and portraits of just the couple. We walked along one of the pathways at the park to find an open area surrounded by evergreens. While we were off getting more photos, the families prepared the lunch they had catered to the park. Once we returned, everyone sat down to eat together and enjoy one another’s company.

How did you meet?

The first time we met was back in 2007, through an old boyfriend who had been working with Tommy. Over the years he and I were in different relationships but always seemed to be in each others lives. We became good friends when my previous husband ended up being good friends with him.

A year after my ex and I spilt, and Thomas and him had a falling out, for reasons of their own, Thomas asked about maybe giving us a chance (2017). I was taken back by the thought and hesitant as I didn’t want anything to happen with our friendship. After a discussion about it, we decided to give it a go.

How did he propose?

Fast forward to my birthday of December 2019, we went out to eat and had some time to kill before the movie. We were talking about church and we decided to stop at a church we had seen to check it out. The sky was beautiful that night with clear skies and bright stars. While we were standing there taking in the gorgeous night, he got down on one knee with the ring box in hand and proposed to me.

He had the ring in his pocket and was planning on asking me that night, but didn’t know exactly when or where. So, when I wanted to stop to check out the church, he got excited because he knew it would be the perfect place and time.

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