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Engagement Session at Heidelberg University

engagement session

Kelsey + Mitchell

I had an awesome time with Kelsey + Mitchell at their Heidelberg University engagement session in Tiffin, Ohio. We had the perfect day of weather. The temperature was that perfect place of warmth that’s not hot, the sun was shining, and there were no mosquitos!! Hallelujah! Since the weather was so great, we were able to casually stroll through the grounds of their alma mater as they showed me where they lived, met, and grew their relationship.

How did you meet?

Mitchell and I went to the same small college but didn’t meet until our senior year when we became neighbors. I tried to say hi to him in the dorm hallway and he always kept his head down and his headphones on–until one night he showed up in our apartment and rambled his life story and then some…for hours. We immediately became great friends for about two and a half years before we started dating.

How did Mitch propose?

He told me a few weeks in advance we had a date day planned in Tiffin, Ohio where we met. This wasn’t totally unusual for us. On the day of, we went to lunch at a little bagel shop we love, got coffee, and walked around town. Finally we headed to Heidelberg University to walk around campus (where we met.)

As we were walking around—apparently Mitch had a course of action—I was getting easily distracted and watching the lacrosse game, roaming around, etc. He kept trying to keep me on the path he needed me to go and when we finally reached the spot, I noticed a little camera just as Mitch said “You know there’s a reason we’re here right?” I turned around just as he started to kneel and while neither of us remember what he said in the moment it was so surreal to see him there.

Obviously, I said yes and our friends popped out of the building where they’d been hiding and taking pictures. I’d had my slight suspicions but didn’t want to assume. I can’t really explain how I was feeling other than it felt right. I’ve pictured myself marrying Mitch for ages and everything was so thought out and so sweet. It was perfect.

What has been your favorite part about being engaged?

Mitch- Knowing what is coming next. We both agreed it wouldn’t be very long, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I constantly look at the ring and we both smile at each other. And honestly, the word fiancé kept coming out of my mouth and sounded so much better.

Kelsey- knowing that at the end of if we get to be husband and wife. Working together to think of ideas and plan this huge life event. I knew I wanted to marry Mitch so long ago and now that it’s finally happening I just can’t wait!

Any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Dive right in. We got engaged in March and planned the wedding for July the same year. Don’t let the idea of a wedding cloud your excitement for marriage. At the end of the day the end result is the same no matter what happens—you marry your favorite person. (And use Jessica as a photographer.)

To Kelsey + Mitchell

I am so glad I met the two of you! You both are amazing and I’m so grateful that I was able to join the two of you where your love began. It was such a great time spending the evening walking around the university and dining at one of your favorite restaurants. I love your photos and I hope that the two of you love them as much as I do. I am working on finishing up the rest of the photos and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek from your session!

engagement session
engagement session
engagement session

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