Top 3 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Firstly, what exactly is an unplugged ceremony? An unplugged ceremony is where you ask your guests to refrain from using their phones, tablets, iPads, or cameras to take any photos during the ceremony. Now that we have established what an unplugged wedding is, lets dig into the top 3 reasons to have an unplugged ceremony.

  1. Better photos from your professional photographer.
You paid a lot of money to have a professional photograph your wedding. You don't want to end up with professional photos of phones and other people's cameras. Your friends and family may have the best of intentions. They are so excited for your special day and want to capture it themselves. But there's nothing worse than when the photographer, you paid a lot of money to, is going in for an epic shot and a cell phone is in the photo. You will end up with a photo of you walking down the aisle co-starring Aunt Jenny's iPhone. 

2. Guests can now be 100% in the moment.

You invested a lot of time and effort into designing your wedding. Making everything just the way you want it. You want to make sure that all your guests have the chance to focus on the officiants words, the heartfelt vows, and feel all the love. You don't want them to disengage to post their photo on the gram.

3. Family photo time will run a whole lot smoother.

We want family photo time to go as smoothly and quickly as possible so that everyone can get to the party and relax. Trying to gather everyone up can be difficult in itself. They will be talking and excited to see one another. Then throw in Uncle Bob, standing behind the photographer trying to get everyone to look at him. It can be super confusing and everyone may not be looking at the professional photographer for the photos. 

Now that you’ve read the top 3 reasons to have an unplugged ceremony, here are some bonus tips on how to tell your guests.

  1. Tell them in the invitation. Also make sure you let them know your reasoning. You want them to be able to fully relax and enjoy the day 100% with you. You have paid a professional photographer for the photos and will make sure that they will all have access to the photos.
  2. Write it on your wedding website. Again, explain the why. This will help your guests to understand and hopefully not feel upset about it.
  3. Have a sign up at the ceremony telling everyone it’s an unplugged wedding, that you want everyone to be fully present and to put their devices away until the reception.
  4. You can ask your officiant to remind your guests before the ceremony begins.