Groom and bride share their first look in a row of grape vines at a winery

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a First Look

Groom and Bride share their first look in a row of grape vines at White Shutter Winery outside of Nevada, Ohio
Groom and Bride share their first look at White Shutter Winery outside of Nevada, Ohio

What is a first look?

A first look is when the wedding couple chooses to see one another prior to the wedding ceremony. This usually takes place in a location where the couple can have some privacy and spend at least a couple minutes alone together.

Reason One: Calm Those Nerves

Seeing one another before the ceremony can help calm your nerves. Even though you are marrying your best friend and you know everyone at your wedding, you can still feel a bit overwhelming. Getting to spend some time together, alone, can really help you calm your nerves.

Reason Two: Intimate Interaction

Take a moment and imagine your ceremony. You see one another from down the aisle. Everyone is watching as you come together at the alter. You both are seeing one another for the first time this day. Both of your hearts have swelled to the point of bursting and all you can do is look at one another. Having a first look gives you the chance to not only see one another, but to also feel your emotions without the pressure of everyone watching. You will be able to cry, hug, kiss, and talk to one another without your friends and family looking on. Having a first look gives you the opportunity to have a much more intimate and authentic interaction.

Reason Three: Photo Opps

Not only will your first look be captured, but you will also be able to take the majority if not all of the group photos before the ceremony starts. Why does that matter? Well, this gives you a chance to get more photos of just the two of you after the ceremony or you will be able to actually participate in your own cocktail hour. This scheduling gives you a little bit more flexibility in setting up your timeline and letting you decide what is most important to you.

Reason Four: Hairy Situation

Your hair and makeup will be on point. The first look usually happens as soon as you are finished getting ready, meaning your hair and makeup will be at it’s best. Sometimes, after a bit of time, the ceremony, hugging lots of guests, and a few hours of weather (sun, humidity, wind, etc.) your hair and makeup won’t be the same.

Reason Five: More Time Together

And the best reason of all….you will get to spend more time together. This day is for the two of you. Having a first look allows you to see one another sooner, thus giving you more time to spend together. It just makes sense that the person you are marrying would be the one person you would want to have more time with.

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