Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Engagement Session at Swartz Covered Bridge

Brandon + Rachel

Couples stands together on road in front of the Swartz Covered Bridge. Their motorcycle is parked behind them, by the bridge.

I had such a fun time with Brandon + Rachel for their engagement session photos. Brandon and Rachel chose to have their engagement photos at the Swartz Covered Bridge in Wyandot County, outside of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. They chose this location because this is one of their favorite places to spend time. They love to go on motorcycle rides and find themselves driving to the bridge quite often. Rachel also wanted to include the other love of her life, her son.

I arrived a little early so that I could capture some photos of just the bridge. I also wanted to make sure I took photos of the some of the elements that were there that day. I love capturing everything that will remind them of their session and time together. Rachel wanted to include her Son and wanted to make this a family session as well. I loved the idea of involving him since they were going to be a family of three.

Front view of the Swartz Covered Bridge with the road leading up to it, through it, and behind it.
Family of 3. Mom, her son, and her Fiancé standing on a grass hill.
Female and Male sitting on a grass hill. She is kneeling behind him with her arms around his neck.
Family of 3 stand just outside the entrance to the Swartz Covered Bridge.
Rachel and Brandon stand together, kissing with his motorcycle parked in the background, close to the entrance of the Swartz Covered Bridge.
Rachel laughs as she and Brandon ride on his motorcycle
Brandon and Rachel ride his motorcycle as the sun hides behind their heads.
Brandon and Rachel are pictured in the side mirror of Brandon's motorcycle.
Focus is on Rachel's engagement ring with both their hands on the handle of the motorcycle and a blurred view of the rest of the motorcycle is beyond their hands.
Brandon, Rachel, and Rachel's Son are walking down the road, holding hands with the Swartz Covered Bridge behind them.
Brandon and Rachel hold hands, while gazing at one another. The Swartz Covered Bridge is distantly behind them, just out of focus.
Brandon gives Rachel a twirl. She is smiling while her hand is extended above her head and holding onto Brandon's extended hand.
Brandon and Rachel are in a grass field, bumping hips and laughing.
Brandon and Rachel are standing, holding hands, smiling at the camera, with the sunset behind them.